Team17 и Villa Gorilla продолжают улучшать свою замечательную Yoku’s Island Express. В обновлении 1.02. исправляется множество багов и мелких недочётов.

Никаких существенных нововведений нет, и патч первого дня остаётся самым существенным обновлением для тайтла.

Напомним, что мы настоятельно советуем ознакомиться с этой уникальной игрой. Для интересующихся ниже представляем полный список исправлений с официального источника:

Quality Of life Improvements

  • Unopened chests and filled mailboxes are now visible regardless of a player’s location.
  • Scarab trackers are now displayed on the map when you get to 10 Scarabs or less.
  • Map marker for “Return to Nim” added after finding all three chiefs.

Bug Fixes

  • Open chests and filled mailboxes are no longer visible on the map.
  • Fix for quest marker for “Ask Tunguska about getting some Climbing Gear” now disappears when criteria has been met.
  • Fix for shop marker missing on the map for the Marrow Hill, Hideout Wickerling tracker.
  • Background no longer appears at low quality textures if the inventory is opened whilst zooming out of a telescope.
  • Map graphics no longer disappear when viewing the map immediately after leaving the Aerial Ascent telescope.
  • Fosfor no longer re-appears in their lair if returning after saving and reloading.
  • Music is now present in the pinball puzzle after approaching the area from the Great Falls.
  • It is no longer possible to block yourself in the Peak area.
  • The camera no longer detaches from Yoku if using the Sootling on a Leash to fling Yoku off the edge in the Cove Mushroom location.
  • Fix for typo in one of Chirp’s lines of dialogue.
  • Graphical seam fixed when using the telescope near the bottom of the Great Falls.
  • Sumoe shop marker is now removed if the treasure map is purchased through the discounted option.
  • Fix for performance FPS drop if fruit isn’t collected from the Scarab in Everfrost Forest, The Lighthouse.
  • It is no longer possible for Yoku to get stuck within the Screetch.
  • Omh and Tilo no longer move location if you enter or leave Ivory Peaks Trail without talking to Jamja.
  • Particle effect from Seed Pod Branch is now removed after it has been picked up.
  • Lighting no longer pops at the top of the Tall Totem Tower reveal cutscene.
  • Fix for performance FPS drop during the Tall Totem Tower reveal cutscene.
  • It is no longer possible to knock the drop-down plank the wrong way in the Church of the Space Monks, Secret Sanctuary area.
  • Improvements to the Simplified Chinese localisation.

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